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Demo -Customizing pagination templates in Laravel 5.3 Example

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6 Visibility in PHP Classes Encapsulation is an OOP (Object Oriented Programming) concept in PHP. Wrapping some data in single unit is called Encapsulation. Encapsulation is used to safe data or information in an object from other it means encapsulation is mainly used for protection purpose. In technology era, it is essential to Public Visibility in PHP OOP : If we set any method as public then it means it can be accessible from anywhere either from inside the class, outside the class and in child class.There are no any limitation for public accessors . Visibility in PHP Classes
7 Inheritance in PHP Inheritance is the php oops concept which is based around the concept of base classes or superclasses and derived classes or subclasses. Base classes or Super Classes are also known as parent classes and similarly, derived classes or subclasses are known as child classes. Inheritance in PHP
8 custom facade Benefits of creating custom facade in Laravel 5.2 is it that you don't have to write same function again and again, to avoid repetition you can create a helper class or can say facade class. Facades basically provide a static interface to a class that give access to an object from the service container. custom facade
9 remove duplicate values array_unique() function are used to remove duplicate data from given array. Now question is what value will be removed if there are two or more array values are same, in that scenario it will keep first appearance value in array and removed others. remove duplicate values